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TA Team Growth 2018

Sabrina Garity
January 31, 2018

From humble beginnings at a kitchen table in Aaron Wilson’s apartment, Temporary Accommodations has experienced an exponential growth since 1996. In the past year alone, 24 new employees were welcomed into our family and to our headquarters--which quickly started to feel a bit crowded for the company’s big dreams. In November of 2017, the idea to break down walls and expand our office came to Aaron and Joseph Tate as a possibility and soon became a necessity. For a company to provide comfortable, pleasant homes for our policyholders, we needed to give ourselves the same kind of space to work in. The Atlanta Headquarters now hosts nearly 100 employees, and has added on 4 more private offices, an additional conference room, another kitchen, and enough office space for each departments’ planned expansions.

In the beginning, Temporary Accommodations serviced the insurance industry in the Atlanta area. Aaron Wilson recalled the early years, when he waited tables and took claims between taking orders. Now, 22 years later, we work in every state and region, providing housing to victims of natural disasters, house fires, water damage, and everything in between. More than just finding accommodations, we help rebuild their lives and dreams, giving them the helping hand they desperately need. We are the compassionate force in a time that, for some people, will be the most overwhelming experience of their lives. Providing not only for their needs, like handicap accessible bathrooms and pet friendly hotels and housing--we strive to accommodate as many wants as possible to make their temporary homes feel as stable and comfortable as possible. As we have grown from a promising start up to a national corporation servicing hundreds of insurance carriers, we haven’t lost the personal touch we pride ourselves on.

For Joseph, TA’s growth has coincided with his own professional and personal development, as he started out interning as a teenager here. “Even though we have doubled, even tripled our size a few times over, we have strived to keep it a close-knit environment. Yes, it’s a large company, but we have smaller teams that keep everyone close. I learn everyone’s name, even if they were hired while I was out of the office--recognizing people and appreciating them goes a long way,” said Joseph Tate. “Having a headquarters like this creates synergy, the interactions that helps keep people invigorated to want to come to work. Lee Pigliavento, our office manager, is constantly keeping the morale up with parties, birthday celebrations, and out of the office events. It’s a stressful job, it puts a lot on a person to shoulder the emotional burden of what these families have been through, and for them to carry the responsibility to find them the most basic of needs--housing. Being able to interact with people here in the office helps to alleviate that stress, because someone here also knows how it feels to do what we do.” After 12 years working for TA, starting as an intern and now as VP of Operations, Joseph knows all too well the stresses his employees face. At its heart, Temporary Accommodations is helmed by a core group of employees that have been striving for excellence for more than a decade. This group serves as the foundation which others have built up from--learning from their experiences and wisdom to give our policyholders the most positive, smooth transition into housing possible.

Having a strong, central headquarters has enabled Temporary Accommodations to focus on it’s growth across the nation and internally. This past January alone, TA has seen a 390% growth in new adjusters compared to the first month of years prior. With this projected out onto 2018, we are expecting a sharp increase in new clients. With that being said, Joseph is looking to the future of TA with hopeful eyes, “I have a vision that we will continue to be the best in the industry, focusing not just in how many claims we take, or how broad our reach is, but our impact on people’s lives. We want to provide the best service to people, especially since these people are dealing with trauma.” Plans are set to expand the hotel team further, bringing on new coordinators to keep our expectations of hotel placement within fifteen minutes of a new claim being taken. On the long-term placement side of the office, the East and West coast teams are already swelling to keep up with the demand for personalized claim handling. TA’s plans are to create teams solely for our national accounts, to curate specialized service will ensure faster placement, increased focus, and personal relationships built between our caretakers and the adjusters they assist.

The additional office space is already being utilized by a few employees and will be completed late February. Creating this atmosphere has not only boosted the morale of our employees, it is contributing to our productivity, by providing additional meeting spaces and workstations. The lobby and reception area are being remodeled, bringing our guests into an environment as welcoming as the housing we give to our policyholders. Because for us, this isn’t just an office space or corporate headquarters--it’s an extension of ourselves, the service that we provide, and the family we have created here at Temporary Accommodations.

As the walls in our office have come down, our expectations are building up to what TA’s future holds, and how that will affect our policyholders and adjusters. For those who are rebuilding their lives through us, it means becoming settled faster, with a dedication to their dreams as if they were our own, and more personal attention from their caretakers. For us here at Temporary Accommodations, it will foster the kind of environment wherein we can continue to grow and keep striving to provide the very best in the housing industry.