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TA Cares

Ryan Budd
June 6, 2016

How do you react in a crisis?

When disaster strikes your home, your homeowners or renters insurance policy is meant to provide you with the resources to return to normalcy. Temporary Accommodations cares. We care about getting you back to that place of normalcy quickly, so you can focus on rebuilding. As a 24/7 disaster response team, we are prepared to find you a place to stay any time of the day. Within thirty minutes of an Adjuster initiating a claim with us, our team of dedicated hotel and housing coordinators will reach out and begin providing solutions for the policyholder’s return to normalcy. Members of the Temporary Accommodations team reduce stress and are the most prepared responders to manage temporary housing needs.

We know not all disasters are the same…

and we don’t treat all disasters the same. Each claim is evaluated based on the severity of damage, level of coverage, and immediate needs of the victims. Temporary Accommodations Hotel Coordinators communicate with policyholders to ensure we find immediate housing solutions that are safe, comfortable, and close to where they call home.

Temporary Accommodations Housing Coordinators are experts at negotiating the short-term lease. It’s important to find a communicative landlord that will facilitate extensions to the lease if home reconstruction does not stay on schedule. If a claim is likely to last more than thirty days, our team will search for a rental home comparable to the property of loss. Unless requested, for claims lasting less than thirty days, our hotel team will continue to manage a hotel stay until reconstruction work is completed.

Finding your new home is our job.

Searching for a short-term rental property can take minutes in areas of high availability, or days in areas of high demand. Temporary Accommodations Housing Coordinators use a private, nationwide database of landlords and property management companies in all fifty states. These landlords are often homeowners that have rented to our guests before in situations of dire need. When claims come in from new zip codes, Housing Coordinators contact localized realtors and begin a comprehensive search for available short-term housing.

Temporary housing solutions can be expensive.

When arranging temporary housing, our team works within a budget of Additional Living Expenses (or A.L.E.). Housing Coordinators follow insurance Adjusters instruction to monitor A.L.E. and make sure over-spending is avoided. When requested, Temporary Accommodations can provide a Fair Rental Value (or F.R.V.) to help Adjusters estimate how much temporary housing will cost based on the area.

When a property agrees to a lease term that matches the expected project time contractors provide, then we confirm A.L.E. will cover rent costs for that lease term. All policies are different, and in some cases insurance policyholders will still be responsible for refundable deposits, or a portion of the monthly rent. We know it is important to communicate with both the insurance company and contractors while managing A.L.E.

With Temporary Accommodations you know what you’re getting.

Temporary Accommodations Housing Coordinators facilitate a viewing of a rental property before beginning any paperwork. When a housing solution is approved by both the adjuster and policyholder we process the lease; coordinate furniture, appliances, and housewares; prepare guests for relocation; and then overnight or wire move in funds to the landlord.

On move in day Temporary Accommodations guests get to checkout of their hotel and move into a house or apartment, providing them more of the luxuries of home. Temporary Accommodations Representatives stay in close contact with landlords to make certain our rentals continue to meet the needs of our guests. Short-term rental properties are the best way to both preserve A.L.E. and provide a sense of normalcy for disaster victims.