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Emily Chang

After graduating with a BA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Emily opened a local pizzeria. Seeking a change of pace, Emily decided to sell the restaurant after 7 successful years and obtained her real estate brokers license. Emily worked for ReMax for the following 10 years, becoming a top-selling agent in Charlotte, NC. Ready for her next career challenge and a new locale, Emily brought her strong work ethic, results-oriented nature, and customer-focused mentality to TA. At TA, Emily leads the TA HotelTrak program, and consistently exceeds her goals as well as customer expectations.
I Believe In: 
Having the confidence to be the very best at whatever you do.
I am Inspired By: 
All those around me that truly strive to take great care of our policyholders. It’s that collective energy, focus and teamwork that makes TA a tight-knit family and wonderful place to work.