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TA was courteous and professional!

-      Lois, Portsmouth VA 


Frank was very good with everything. TA helped us through a difficult time.

-      Geraldine, Cerritos CA 


There was always somewhere there to speak to. TA's response was prompt plus everyone had such a caring attitude. It was pleasant knowing they cared about our situation. I would recommend TA.

-      Rene, Peachtree City GA 


Both our housing and hotel coordinators were very prompt and responsive. Especially Tae on the hotel team, he was so response. Katie was very patient and polite and worked with us during a really difficult time. All of the employees were accommodations and courteous. Thank you.

-      Donna, Cerritos CA 


The level of customer service Josh B. provided was outstanding. My policy made this a difficult placement, but Josh never gave up and he got the job done. Thanks, Josh!

-      Richard, Merrick NY