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Data Security

STAND GUARD™ Security Program

We give you secure Web portal access for real-time status of claims. Plus our STAND GUARD™ Security Program never rests — protecting confidential information for you and your policyholder.

We know protection of confidential information is important for you, your policyholder and your company.

FACT: Identity theft for all industries is the top consumer complaint for four years running, up 40% since 2002.

FACT: Over 10 million Americans have had their personal information used fraudulently.

FACT: At Temporary Accommodations, we’re doing something about it.

STAND GUARD™ Security Program is a TA exclusive. This is one of the toughest security programs in the insurance housing industry to protect your valuable and sensitive information. STAND GUARD™ provides peace-of-mind against identity theft as well as safeguarding corporate information.

    • Security of information for the insurance adjuster, policyholder and insurance company for total protection;
    • All Web portals are firewall protected and hacker-proof;
    • Employees go through extensive background checks;
    • Security is constantly audited;
    • Security officers are on staff; and
    • Outside security audits are done twice a year.