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Added Value Each Step of the Way

Utilizing TA for temporary housing results in a more streamlined, effective and measurable process that minimizes your cost, reduces your risk, and increases your customers’ satisfaction at each stage.

Starting with initial contact, we talk with your policyholders at length to carefully explain the transition process, set clear expectations, and most importantly, assure them that we’ll be there each step of the way. Our passionate, experienced and responsive team then follows-through on our promise by delivering the highest level of service and care possible, providing peace of mind to both you and your policyholders throughout the life cycle of the claim.

TA's proven process enables you to settle claims more quickly while increasing policyholder satisfaction. Explore a sample TA claim process below.

Adjuster Calls TA With Referral, Claim Initiated

  • All calls answered by a live person 24/7/365 - no answering service or voice mail.
  • Single point of contact with 360° TA team view throughout the process ensures that communication remains strong and effective.
  • Calling TA enables adjusters to tackle other things on their plates, confident that their policyholders will be taken care of.
“This is the most stressful situation I’ve ever been through.”

TA Contacts Policyholder

  • TA contacts Policyholder within 30 minutes or less of receiving referral from Adjuster.
  • TA sets the stage for a stellar Policyholder experience drawing on 16+ years of experience and training as a first responder.
“Glad I understand what will happen next and when.”

TA Coordinates Hotel and/or Long-Term Placement (LTP)

  • Adjuster-approved, Like Kind and Quality hotel or housing/package options to policyholders within 24 hours.
  • Cost savings/discounts for hotel and long-term housing based upon TA’s extensive network and partnerships.
  • Strong emphasis on minimizing hotel stays and reducing out-of-pocket costs wherever applicable.
“I am so grateful that this has gone smoothly.”

Policyholder Move-In

  • Move-in usually 5 days of initial referral from Adjuster.
  • Typically 48 hour turnaround for furniture delivery once housing is secured.
  • TA follows-up with Policyholder within 1 day of long-term placement.
  • Our efficient process greatly decreases risk of third party influence and disruption.
“I will renew & share my good experience with with others.”

Policyholder Move-Out

  • TA analyzes ALE spend vs budget and reports to Adjuster.
  • TA takes a proactive approach to extend lease and/or vacate.
  • Streamlined process enables you to settle claims more quickly and increases Policyholder satisfaction.
  • 98+% Policyholder satisfaction rating equates to greater long-term loyalty and retention for Insurers.